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Recombinant Heparinase I

Heparinase I – the ferment of lyase class, which catalyzes the break of glycosidic bond between N-sulphated hexosamine and 2-О-sulphated residue of iduronic and glucuronic acids, which leads to the cleavage of polysaccharide chain into oligosaccharide fragments. Heparinase I is highly active towards heparine and heparane sulphate and neutralizes their anti-coagulation activity.

Heparinase I developed by our company is a recombinant chimaeric polypeptide, comprised of heparinase I Pedobacter heparinus and stabilizing protein.

This ferment quickly and specifically neutralizes both un-fractionated and low-molecular heparin. The presence of the stabilizing protein provides unprecedented stability and significantly increased storage period in comparison with the competitors.


  • Neutralization of heparine in blood and plasma samples before conducting coagulometry.
  • Neutralization of low-molecular heparines in vitro.
  • As a component of diagnostic tests for heparine neutralization.
  • In glass-tubes for taking blood samples.
  • Production of low-molecular heparine from the non-fractioned one.
  • Reagent for research purposes (glycosaminoglycans’ degradation).

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