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Chemically modified Hot Start Pfu-polymerase (fusion with SSo domain)

Mbusion Hot Start DNA polymerase is a recombinant protein, extracted from a producer strain, carrying a plasmid with the gene Mbusion High-Fidelity DNA polymerase. The ferment is a derivative of Pfu polymerase Pyrococcus furiosus. It contains processive domain Sso7d from Saccharolobus solfataricus, and additional mutation for achieving optimal properties.

This polymerase has 5’ → 3’ polymerase and 3’ → 5’ exzonuclease activities. Due to the latter characterictic, it has the precision 15 times higher than the precision of Taq polymerase and forms the products with dull ends


Mbusion DNA polymerase is affinity purified protein with molecular mass of 100 kDa, chemically modified, so it does not have fermentation activity at room temperature during the preliminary PCR preparation. When heated to 95 ˚С during 15 minutes the ferment becomes active. Due to hot start you manage to avoid degradation of primers and matrix during the mixing of PCR-mix, аnd also decreases the possibility of forming non-specific products of PCR reaction.

Due to optimally selected working buffer Mbusion, polymerase DNA has the capacity to amplify with more precision and speed (15 – 30 sec/1000 b.p.) to amplify even complex and long DNA segments (up to 30.000 b.p.).


  • Chemically modified Hot Start Pfu polymerase.
  • Greater polymerase precision
  • Higher speed of reaction that saves working time.
  • High efficiency of PCR-reaction that allows to receive more product with the minimal amounts of ferment spent.
  • Convenience of use and greater specificity of response due to hot start.
  • Сapacity to amplify complex and long matrices, which makes this ferment usable for many protocols in molecular biology.


  • High precision PCR.
  • Preparation of matrices for sequencing.
  • Мultiplex PCR.
  • High efficiency PCR.
  • Long matrices amplification.
  • Cloning.
  • Mutagenesis.

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