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Bst- polymerase

Bst DNA-polymerase, a large fragment, a single polypeptide with the molecular weight of about 67 kDa.

The polymerase is highly processive. Bst DNA polymerase catalyzes the synthesis of DNA in 5’ - 3’ direction.

The ferment does not have 5' - 3' and 3' - 5' exonuclease activity, but have 5' - 3' displacement activity. The ferment has the activity marked on the label, at 65 °C and рН 8,8. Bst DNA-polymerase is purified from E. Coli strain, соntaining plasmid with the cloned full-sized gene of a large fragment of DNA-polymerase I Bacillus stearothermophilus. The ferment contains the bacterial DNA.


  • Isothermal PCR.
  • Reverse transcription.
  • Full-genome sequencing.

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