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Stabilized human and animal erythrocytes

Stabilized human and animal erythrocytes are a suspension of stabilized erythrocytes of humans and mammals, obtained from erythrocyte mass of humans or whole blood of mammals.

The volume of erythrocytes and their number are preserved throughout the product validity period with the minimal deviations from the passport values, due to the method of effective stabilization developed by our company.


It is possible to obtain stabilized erythrocytes with different antigenic status (ABO system, Rh-factor, other anti-gene systems of human and mammal blood).

Stabilized erythrocytes can be used in the production of control materials for in vitro diagnostics, hematological research, for example, during the production of hematological controls for automatic hematological analyzers, including the possibility of determining normoblasts and reticulocytes.

Storage temperature: +2 +8°С.

Validity period: not less than 180 days.

Each series of stabilized erythrocytes is accompanied by a passport, with specification of the number of cellular elements, the average erythrocyte volume and the hemoglobin content.

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