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Stabilized erythrocytes for reverse typing of blood groups

Stabilized human erythrocytes for the indirect method of determining a person’s blood group are a suspension of stabilized human erythrocytes obtained from a human-derived erythrocytic mass.

The volume of erythrocytes and their number are preserved throughout the validity period with minimal deviations from the passport values due to the method of effective stabilization developed by our company. Stabilization of human erythrocytes allows to preserve all the surface antigens of human erythrocytes.

Stabilized human erythrocytes allow to determine a person’s blood group by the AB (A1, A2, B) system.

Stabilized human erythrocytes are delivered in 5 % and 50 % concentration. For diluting erythrocytes to the necessary concentration, we propose the buffer for diluting erythrocytes. After dilution, the life time of the cells remains the same.

The storage temperature is +2 +8°С.

Product validity period: not less than 1 year.

Each series of stabilized erythrocytes is equipped with a passport, with specification of the blood group, Rh factor and the number of erythrocytes.

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