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Services for medicine and biotechnology
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Lyophilization Services

MBU-Technology LLC offers freeze-drying of your products.

The team of experienced company's employees will provide the assistance in setting of optimal lyophilization parameters for all products and give advice on the arising questions:

  • to find the eutectic point of your product;
  • to set the right temperature and the time of lyophilization;
  • to choose the right additives for the freeze-dried mixture to improve product stability.

The method of lyophilization is based on sublimation of frozen products under extremely low pressure. Lyophilization process involves product freezing, primary drying in vacuum at negative temperature, secondary drying at positive temperature and sealing of bottles, if the last step is required.

Lyophilization is applied in case of long-time storage and conservation of biogenic products such as:

  • standard panels of human blood serum;
  • microbiologic specimens;
  • virologic specimens;
  • medical preparations and vaccines;
  • ferments for R&D, human and veterinary use;
  • ready-to-use reaction mixtures for PCR.

The most distinct advantages of lyophilization:

            long-time storage of the final product;

  • freeze-dried products remain structurally integral and biologically active (being damped, the product tends to restore its initial properties);
  • freeze-dried products are freely soluble;
  • absence of foaming;
  • low-weight final products.

Optional services (for the solutions dried in bottles):

  • solution preparation;
  • bottling of solutions;
  • closing of bottles with dried solutions;
  • marking / labeling.


Our advantages:

An appropriate choice of drying parameters depending on product and customer requirements, exclusion of minimum orders, contract price, payment only for the lyophilizer operating hours.

There are two lyophilizers at the company’s disposal: Zirbus-technology GmbH (Germany), 4-5-8/30 model and Virtis / SP Industries (the USA), Genesis 25 ES model.

Main characteristics of the available lyophilizers:


Virtis / SP Industries (the USA),

Genesis 25 ES model

Zirbus-technology GmbH (Germany), 4-5-8/30 model

Drying chamber

Nominal loading capacity: 12 l

The number of loaded bottles:

       –    with a volume of 10 ml - 1000 pcs

-        with a volume of 5 ml – 2000 pcs

The number of shelves:  5 pcs

Shelf size: 274,3 х 520,7 mm

Surface area of the shelves: 7154 cm2

Nominal loading capacity: 50 l

The number of loaded bottles:

-        with a volume of 10 ml - 3000 pcs

-        with a volume of 5 ml – 6000 pcs

The number of shelves:  8 pcs

Chamber size: 500 х 850 х 800 mm

Shelf size: 400 х 600 mm


Terminal temperature: from -52 to - 55 °С

Condenser area: 3264 cm2

Volume: 25 l

Condenser capacity: 12 kg/d

Prohibitive amount  of ice: 25 kg

Terminal temperature: less than -75°С Condenser size: 400 х 500 х 800 mm

Volume: 60 l

Condenser capacity: 25 kg/d

Prohibitive amount  of ice: 30 kg

Refrigerator set

Refrigerant coolant: MO 89.

Nominal refrigerating capacity at - 55 °С: 2442 kkal /h

Nominal refrigerating capacity at temperatures up to -75 °С: - 2487 kkal /h

Vacuum pump

Two-stage rotary pump with a flash gas release valve

VD36. Two-stage rotary pump with a flash gas release valve

Temperature recorder

The device integrated into sublimator. Measured temperatures range: from - 60 0С  to 80 0С

Three thermostatic elements to measure product temperature; one sensor for measuring shelves temperature; one sensor for measuring condenser temperature. Measured temperatures range: from - 80 0С  to 60 0С

Vacuum gauge

The instrument integrated into sublimator.   

Measuring range: from 10-5  to 105 Pa

The instrument integrated into sublimator.  

Pirani Gauge TPR 280 model («Pfeiffer vacuum», Germany). Measuring range: from 0.05 to  105 Pa

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