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Services for medicine and biotechnology
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Services Rendered to Develop Recombinant Proteins

MBU-Technology LLC will offer development of various types of recombinant proteins and ferments to their customers. 

The company has considerable experience in development and production of recombinant proteins:

  • antigens for detecting markers of the following infections: HIV-1,2, hepatitis C virus , hepatitis B virus, Treponema Pallidum, protein А, protein G;
  • ferments for conducting molecular genetic research: Taq-polymerase, Pfu-polymerase with SSO domain , Tth- polymerase, Bst- polymerase, nonspecific DNA/RNA nuclease and etc.;
  • recombinant human tissue factor: heparinase I;

conjugates for EIA kits production: conjugate of streptavidin with с horseradish poly- peroxydase, conjugates of recombinant proteins with horseradish peroxydase, conjugates of recombinant proteins  and antibodies with biotin.

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